Grab Your Attention

It's all about the initial impact. That, above all else, is essential for any web based project. The information you that you want to impart has no value if viewers simply take a quick look and then leave.
Our aim is to make sure that people are thinking and talking about your website days after seeing it.

We achieve this with various tools and tricks, but first and foremost we try to make your website stand out.
We also believe that a good website has to be kept up to date, which is why, instead of a one off fee, we offer a subscription service.

Subscription Service

We aim to build long lasting partnerships with our clients, and a subscription based system encourages that.

If you need something updating all you need to do is sign into your Axxis account on our web app, and send us a task to complete.

Once the website is updated you will receive an email notification. We guarantee small changes (contact details, image changes, adding or changing a paragraph etc) will be made within 24hrs.

It is important to keep your website current and up to date, and this system promotes just that!

WHAT we do

Although Axxis Designs is a new company, our small team brings together a wealth of experience in web design and app development.

Check out some of our work below: - - -


Setting up an online marketplace can be a daunting task, but is potentially an important source of revenue for your business.

We can build, implement and manage your future online marketplace.


The price of your subscription is established after an initial meeting where we will work out the quantity and frequency of work needed to build and maintain your website.

However, a benchmark price for a standard website with monthly updates would be in the region of £70/month.

You will be committed to this subscription for an initial 12 months. If after this period, you are not satisfied with our services or simply no longer require them, your website files will be removed from our servers and given back to you. If you are happy with the service provided your monthly subscription will continue.

If you or your company are interested in working with us or would like further details then please get in touch!