The App and Database solutions that we build range in size and complexity.

We'll design and build whatever you need. That could be a way to keep track of what you make and sell, a way to manage employee tasks and goals, or maybe you want a more comprehensive database allowing you to store, manage and control all your company's data.
As well as web apps we also design fully integrated, native apps.

This is something we specialise in, and have been successfully doing for a long time.


The cost of our app and database solutions depends on their size and function.

Our benchmark for this kind of service is approximately £400/month for the first 12 months, where changes and updates will be happening more regularly. After this period that figure would usually drop by 25%.

These databases and apps are hosted on our AWS servers.
This allows us to respond quickly to the changes and updates that you may require.

recent projects


A scuba diving app designed to log your diving activities, dive sites tracking, calculate gas mixes.


Nammu-Tech is an additive manufacturing company, specialising in the production and assembly of high end scuba diving equipment.

The app we designed for them manages stock and production process, logging and maintenance for all equipment and products, as well as implementing ISO 9001 and quality management.